IACSP Homeland Security Bookshelf V25N3 2020

By Dr. Joshua Sinai

The Concealed Handgun Manual:How to Choose, Carry, and Shoot a Gun in Self-Defense

Chris Bird, [Seventh Edition] (San Antonio, TX: Privateer Publications, 2019), 92 pages, $24.95 [Paperback], ISBN: 978-0-9975-5813-5.

Now in its seventh edition, this classic manual provides situational awareness on the importance of not being surprised when faced by violent assailants; the rationale for carrying a concealed gun, particularly in situations where “the police can’t protect you”; advice for selecting and purchasing a handgun; instruction on beginning and advanced gun shooting, including safety information; the mindsets and tactics that are effective in winning a gunfight; and accounts of violent incidents where concealed handgun self-defense was effective in protecting potential victims. It also provides a listing of State and Federal gun laws. In the Afterword, the author cautions that in using one’s gun for self-defense, “I urge you to act responsibly, not just to preserve your right to bear arms, but so others may continue to enjoy the rights envisaged by the founding fathers.” (pp. 546-547) The author, a former British Royal Military Police officer and crime reporter for a Texas newspaper, is the author of numerous books on confronting armed assailants, including active shooters. His website is located at: http://privateerpublications.com/product/the-concealed-handgun-manual/.

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