New Orleans, Louisiana, January 8, 1973. A sharpshooting, police counter sniper is on the upper level of a building across from the hotel. He is on the lookout for signs of what might be a second sniper. This other building, with the police counter sniper, overlooked the Howard Johnson’s hotel. The Marine Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight is seen to the left of the hotel. Photo courtesy of The New Orleans Times – Picayune, The New Orleans Advocate

Counter Sniper Response to the Terrifying Nature of Sniper and Active Shooter Ambushes: New Orleans and the Chinook

By Jim Weiss and Mickey Davis

Home hardcore, bad-guy active shooters and snipers are self-trained. They have planned, prepared, and are formidable in their attacks. In New Orleans on December 31, 1972 and January 7, 1973, one such killer was Mark James Robert Essex. His actions were driven by a hatred of white people and white police officers.

With all the hatred-driven current shootings, assaults, looting, and attacks on police and businesses, this topic is relevant to today’s law enfo...