Wow! The Best Police Instinctive Point Shooting Training In The World

By Jim Weiss and Mickey Davis

Early American sharpshooters—including “Wild Bill” Hickok and Annie Oakley—and exhibition shooters like Gus Peret were known for not using their gun’s sights, especially the gun’s front sight. In more modern times, Cleveland, Ohio, police officer Jim Simone was in eleven gun fights. When asked if he ever used his sights in these, his answer was “No.”

Police cadets at Central Ohio Technical College are taught a similar shooting technique called Instinctive Point Shooting (Combat Point Shooting). This method combines the lessons of the past with the situations of the present.

I raised my hand to eye level like pointing a finger, and fired. – Wild Bill Hickok

The school’s Institute for Public Safety offers an Associate Degree in Law Enforcement Technology in partnerships with the Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Academy. Basic Peace Officer Certification features intensive scenario training in Patrol Tactics. Cadets must have completed Ohio’s basic firearms training prior to taking the technical college’s Instinctive Point Shooting, a very hands-on police firearms course. Training, qualification, and an upgrade of sophistication and operational capabilities are course goals.

Generally it is rare that time, lighting, or distance allows an officer’s sights to be used. Rather, real-life situations involve close, fast action where it is impossible to use sights. The reasons for this will be covered in this article.

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