A demonstration by Antifa on May Day 2014 in Berlin in which Bereitschaftspolizei are in the foreground. Montecruz Foto CC BY-SA 2.0

Antifa Germany And The USA

By Jim Weiss and Mickey Davis

Antifa is the most violent, hell-raising, large-sized, organized, and infamous group of rioters in Germany.

It began in the aftermath of World War I with the Weimar Republic and the harsh conditions set upon Germany by the Treaty of Versailles. This was followed by the German depression and hyperinflation, resulting in right-wing and left-wing parties taking fighting and rioting to the streets. There were hundreds of unprosecuted political murders.

The Weimer Republic’s police were expected to be democracy’s police force in a nation without a democratic history. Police organizations as well as the German readiness/riot police—Bereitschaftspolizei (commonly referred to as Bepo) units—were asked to protect democracy. However, they were restricted by the fear that if the police became too powerful, the new democracy would become a police state.

The extreme right became the Brownshirts and the left communist groups in the 1920s were known as the Spartacists, Red Front Fighters (Stalinists), and others. These were all basically paramilitary, armed, and very violent.

In1932 (sources for the year vary, including the 1920s) the German communists formed the Red Front Fighters Association and the Antifascist Action or Anti-Fascist Fighting League—in short, “Antifa.” These were funded by the Soviet Union.

In addition to fighting the Brownshirts, the communist groups fought each other, at times fighting against other communist and lef...