Safe Driving: Training For Today’s World

By Anthony Ricci

It is your first day at one of ADSI's Advanced Driver Training Programs.
 You have waited for this opportunity for some time and are finally ready
to take the vehicle to its max.  The day progresses and you feel that you
have a good handle on the technique, however, as your instructor increases the
speed from lap to lap you find out quickly that with added speed your newly
found technique has become harder and harder to perfect.

While you managed to progress to a proficient speed, some
laps were good some not so good, but overall, you are feeling pretty confident.
 Your car nears the starting gate and over the radio comes a surprising
message, from your instructor.  The instructor says, "your next three
runs are for test".  You are thinking to yourself test, nobody said
anything about a test.  Oh well you decide that you have successfully
completed the slalom around 36-38 mph, so you are going to attempt the perfect
score.  You reassure yourself that you can do it and show a feeling of
confidence as you put your foot on the gas pedal and head down the runway.
 Everything feels right; car placement is right on as you turn the
steering wheel to the right and round the first cone.  Quickly you turn the
wheel to the left and negotiate your way around the second of four cones.
 As your car approaches the third cone you feel the vehicle starting to
slide, you jerk the wheel back to try to correct the situa...