Security Driver: Option 2 Shooting from Inside the Vehicle

by Anthony Ricci

In Part One of this article we discussed using your vehicle as a weapon as a last resort if the threat has you pinned down. That would normally be a final option as it is not a normal technique to ram your way through another car or object unless your life depended on it. However, if you do carry on the job you may have another last option. Using your firearm may provide you a bit more time and/or an actual way out if luck is on your side.

This technique can be used by both Protection teams and law Enforcement alike if the situation calls for it. Anyone in these professions should be exposed to this type of training and practice on a regular basis to keep skillsets sharp. For the protection professional, this may be that last resort to protect his or her client and safely remove both of them from the kill zone.

For the police officer, he or she may need to engage a target during the conclusion of a pursuit or to immediately engage a target during any number of tactical situations that occur without time to prepare. With this in mind, Protection Professionals and Police Officers should have a clear understanding of how to effectively deploy a weapon and be exposed to this specific scenario. Before students are exposed to and trained on deploying a weapon inside a motor vehicle, there needs to be an examination of the way a bullet fired from a vehicle performs when traveling through laminated windshield glass as well as side or rear glass, whi...