A New Era of Cyber Vulnerability: A Discussion with Leading Cyber Security Expert Chuck Brooks

By Victoria O’Neill

The United States has made a
concerted effort to advance its technological prowess in order to gain substantial
advantages over its competitors. One of the more recent technological
advancements sponsored by the United States is that of a 5G Network. Although
the wide-spread implementation and utilization of a 5G network allows for
groundbreaking cyber improvements, it too creates a cyber space that is
increasingly susceptible to attacks from both foreign and domestic adversaries.
In order to learn more about the specifics cyber dangers associated with the
wide-spread use of a 5G network, I spoke with leading cyber security expert Mr.
Chuck Brooks. Mr. Brooks is no stranger to the cyber security industry and has
made numerous ground-breaking contributions to the field. More specifically,
Mr. Brooks was a two-time Presidential appointee, nominated by President George
W. Bush to The Department of Homeland Security as the first Legislative
Director of The Science & Technology Directorate. He was also appointed as
Special Assistant to the Director of Voice of America under President Reagan. In
addition, he was named as one of The Top 5 Tech People to Follow on LinkedIn and
served as a top Advisor to the late Senator Arlen Spector. Although these said
accomplishments represent only a small handful of Mr. Brooks’ achievements in
his professional career, they reflect his vast cyber security knowledge and
expertise. In conducting a virtual Q&A with Mr....