SITREP Global Overview 21

Conflict Risks

In Yemen, after intensifying their military campaign in Marib governorate in the past few weeks, the Huthis could soon launch an all-out offensive that might trigger mass displacement and cut off energy supplies.Our conflict tracker highlights deteriorations in five countries and conflict areas. The Taliban sustained their major offensive in Afghanistan, seizing more than 50 district centers, mostly in the north and north east, and killing hundreds of Afghan security forces personnel.Tensions increased in Libya between rival armed coalitions, and the Islamic State launched its first attack since May 2020, killing six fighters aligned with Field Marshal Haftar. Suspected jihadists carried out their deadliest attack in Burkina Faso since 2015, killing 160 and displacing thousands.Peru’s closely contested presidential poll fuelled tensions as right-wing supporters rejected the official results, amid calls for the military to intervene.Violent anti-monarchy protests broke out in Eswatini as demonstrators clashed with security forces, reportedly leaving scores dead. We also noted two improvements. In Somalia, the federal government and member states agreed on a new schedule for the long-delayed elections, potentially paving the way for a resolution of the electoral crisis, while Somaliland successfully completed its first parliamentary elections in over fifteen years.

Aside from the 70+ conflict situations we regularly assess, we also tracked notable develop...