IACSP Q&A on Biometrics Solutions for Field Identification

An Interview with  Russell Megonigal, Senior Product Manager for Biometric Hardware, HID Global on the use of mobile biometric readers in civilian policing, border control, and other law enforcement applications.

IACSP: What are some of the new ways in which law enforcement agencies take advantage of today’s biometric readers?

R. Megonigal:  One of the newest, high-value use cases is the ability to identify suspects in the field using smaller mobile biometric readers that are easy and safe for officers to both carry and use.

IACSP:  In the field? Aren’t fingerprint readers typically quite bulky machines?

R. Megonigal:  Typically, yes. However, recent advances in technology and software developments allow for smaller and more ergonomically designed fingerprint readers. Because these solutions are compatible with both iOS and Android™ devices, biometric reader hardware can be paired with a broad range of mobile devices, tablets, or laptops to create a truly flexible and mobile solution.

IACSP:  How is the solution packaged so that it can be easily carried by officers and allow them to use their own devices?

R. Megonigal:  There are two choices: The solution can be carried in a one-handed folio case that holds both the fingerprint reader and the smartphone, or a flip case that holds the reader separate from the smartphone or other device. In both scenarios, users simply pair their own device with the reader hardware and can perfor...