Security Driver: Backing Up

By  Anthony Ricci

How many of you are familiar with the famous stomach twisting
back stretch trying to get your body around to get a better look through the
rear window? I hate having to do that.  I
have to admit some days I don’t like to stretch that far either.  You have to reach all the way up to the passenger
seat head rest and actually twist your body backwards, all while pushing on the
steering wheel, which by the way is supposed to be steering the car.  Or better yet you could have gone to the
wheel toss school where taking the wheel with your left hand and throwing it in
the direction you want to go actually makes sense.  That is a great way to get lost and not
really know where straight is, not to mention lose control of your vehicle.  No wonder there are so many accidents
happening in reverse.  Truth is many
accidents that happen in reverse are due to poor vision, bad coordination, excessive
speed, lack of control, and jerky steering from having the wrong seat
positioning or just plain laziness.  Yes,
cars and trucks are designed to go forward not backwards.  This is not a bad thing; however untrained drivers
and/or poor backing skills can make for a really expensive bad day.  Drivers need to understand the dynamics of
moving in reverse as well as positioning themselves to better utilize the
controls.   So, I recommend a slightly
different seating position.

I will be the first to admit this position...