Security Driver Mindset – Choose Your Mood Wisely

By Anthony Ricci

In this article I’ll be taking a more psychological approach to self-control. We usually concentrate on the physical skill-sets needed to navigate the vehicle or the eyes and mind to spot hazards. However, in this article let’s talk about your mindset and how to change a bad day. In current times many people are depressed, not happy and some are even straight up mad, and it only seems to be getting worse. The mental health industry is booming, and people are out of control mentally. When we think about the pandemic that we have endured since March of 2020, the human body and mind were not meant to exist separate from each other. The lack of social involvement and reclusive nature that many of us had to endure is not good for anyone’s psyche or overall well-being. Not to mention dealing with the loss of loved ones, political and financial uncertainty and many differences of opinions and views on just about all topics.

As a professional driver representing a large corporation you must learn to change your mood when you start down that negative, destructive path. Sometimes you simply wake up on the wrong side of the bed. You stub your toe walking into the bathroom, spill your morning coffee, lose your keys, and it just amplifies from there. Driving into work you start to imagine bad scenarios in your head that may or may not happen. When this occurs, our mind plays tricks on us, and we envision or predict arguments and being accused of things that may ...